We provide you with a step by step instructions, which can assist you to set up the IPTV Subscription on your own. You just need to follow the tutorial appropriate to your device. Then you can get the opportunity to enjoy over 40,000 Premium Live TV Channels worldwide and more than 60,000 Movies & TV Shows.

IPTV Smarters & IPTV Smarters Pro Setup (Step by Step):

Step 1:

Install and open the software on your device. You can download IPTV Smarters Pro latest APK from Playstore | iOS Store

Step 2:

Open the App and there you need to accept their terms of use for the first time.

Step 3:


As the TOU is accepted it will ask you to ADD NEW USER


Step 4 via File/URL:


There are 2 ways of adding a profile/user of IPTV. 1 Login with Xtream Codes API and second Load your Playlist or File/URL.

For File/URL click on the first option and add the long URL of m3u or select downloaded m3u file and use any Name. Now click on Add User.

To login, via API we need to use m3u link login. here is the way of using data. An m3u link will look like this; http://example.com:8000/get .php?username=test12&password=test23&type=m3u . The login is inside this link. The usable links are marked in colors like http://url_here.com:port | username | password.

Step 5:


Now you’re logged in and a profile has been created like this:

Step 6:


Click on profile (long press if not working). You will see 3 options Login | Edit | Delete. Go for Login.

Step 8:

We’re successfully logged in and now are on the dashboard. There you can see many options like LIVE TV, MOVIES, SERIES, INSTALL EPG, RECORDINGS, CATCHUP and 4 icons above of users, settings, account info and notifications. You can simply click on Live TV and enjoy services.

More Features and Guide:



Click on SERIES from the dashboard and you’ll get the list of series available there and watch it.

Install EPG:

Clicking on Install EPG available on the dashboard will start loading EPG automatically. Just click on this and nothing to do here anymore.

How to Setup IPTV instruction for a Samsung/LG Smart TV or Amazon Fire Stick. Diginovva IPTV service uses a media controller app called ‘Smart IPTV’, this app is free to use for a period of seven days, you will then be asked to make a one-time donation of € 5.49 (Euros) towards the Smart IPTV app development.

1. In order to check if your Samsung/LG Smart TV or Amazon Fire Stick is compatible with the Diginovva iptv Service go to the Samsung or LG Smart TV app store screen and search for the ‘Smart IPTV’ app. If the app is not displayed on the main screen you may have to search for it in ‘All Apps’ or ‘Updates’.

2. Launch the ‘Smart IPTV’ app.

3. Make a note of the ‘MAC Address’ which is displayed on the screen.

4. Go to https://siptv.eu/mylist/ from any web browser.

5. Go to the section ‘Add external playlist links (URLs)’ and enter your ‘Mac’ address and the unique Diginovva IPTV subscription URL into the ‘Link’ field.

6. Ensure the ‘countries’ drop-down selection on ‘Various’.

7. Check in the ‘Keep online’ checkbox.

8. Click on the ‘Add Link’ button

9. Restart the ‘Smart IPTV’ app or TV.

10. In order to view channel groups, press the blue button on your remote control.

1 – Download Smart IPTV into your TV- ( This is only for Samsung and LG Smart TV )

1. Go to your TV apps store

2. Search for Smart IPTV

3. Install Smart IPTV and open Smart IPTV

Now you can see your MAC address on the right side of your screen

1. Add channels into Smart IPTV

2. Add your MAC and your M3U Subscription URL

3. Click on Add Link

1.Download VLC ( Download URL https://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html)

2.Open VLC Player

3.Go to Media -> Open Network stream.

4.Add your Subscription URL we sent to you and press play

5. Wait till all the Channels load (this may take some time)

Choose a Channel and enjoy the show

Go to Google Play store and download Perfect Player IPTV

Please follow all 14 steps

1. Open Perfect Player

2. Go to Settings

3. Now you are into Settings Page, Go to General

4. Go to Playlist and enter Your URL and add by Name ALL IPTV after you done click on OK

5. Go to EPG

6. Enter your EPG URL after you are done click on OK

7. Go back to your Settings Page and go to Playback

8– Check ONLY change system volume

9. Go back to your Settings Page and go to GUI

10. Check ONLY Show channels as a group folder

11. Restart Perfect Player

12. Now you see the channels list on the left side

13. Press left the button on the remote controller now you have all channels on the group folder

14. Go to any folder and enjoy watching all channels

Using iplay :

Step 1 Download iPlayTV from AppStore

Step 2 Upload our M3U Url to iPlay TV

Now you can enjoy our IPTV playlist





2. Go to the app and Click ‘Accept’ EULArule

3.Click ‘Setting’ on the left top corner

4.Find and click the ‘Remote Playlists’ menu

5.Click ‘+’ button to add IPTV provider

6.Click ‘Add M3U URL

Open KodiSelect TV

Select Enter add-on browser

Select PVR IPTV Simple Client

Select Configure

Select General

If you have your subscription m3u URL set Location to Remote Path

Then Select the M3U PlayList URL

Enter the URL of your M3U PlayList and select OK

If you have an M3U text file stored locally on your network/computer/box then set the Location to Local Path (include Local Network)

Then Select the M3U PlayList URL

Navigate to where the file is stored and select it

Select OK

Wait for notification of channels loaded

Now when you go back to the Home Screen and select TV it should look like this

1.Choose a Channel and enjoy the show

2.Select SYSTEM

3.Select TV (or Live TV if you are on a version lower than 15.2 and if you are then consider updating)

4.Select General

5.Select EnabledYou will now see a pop-up saying that you have no PVR Client enabled.

6.Select OK

7.Scroll down and select PVR IPTV Simple Client

8.Select Enable

9.Select Configure

10.In General select the M3U PlayList URL

11.Add your M3U URL into the address section

12.Select OK

13.Select OK again

14.Reboot Kodi

15.On your Home Screen, you should now see TV (or Live TV if on an older version of Kodi).

16.Open that to see the live channel list

IPTV Set-top BoxSupport MAG 200 Yes MAG 245 Yes MAG 250 Yes MAG 260 Yes MAG 270 Yes MAG 275 Yes Aura HD Yes STB Emulator Setup Instructions:

1.Download ‘STB Emulator’ from the Google Play Store.

2.Install and Load the ‘STB Emulator’ app and you will see your ‘MAC address’ on screen.

3.Tap near the ‘Top right corner’ and then click ‘Settings’ – the 4th icon from the right.

4.Tap ‘Profiles’.

5.Tap ‘Test portal’ to modify the existing profile or ‘Add profile’ to start a new one.

6.Tap ‘STB Model’.

7.Tap ‘MAG 250’ or whichever STB you wish to emulate.

8.Tap ‘Portal settings’.

9.Enter your ‘Portal URL’ (Check your activation e-mail) and click OK.

10.Now tap ‘Screen Resolution’.

11.Choose ‘1280×720’ (You can choose higher with internet speed 16+ Mbps)

12.Exit the app and restart.

13.You will now see your channel list.

Troubleshooting STB Emulator

If you have any problems viewing the Channels please follow this recommended fix:

Restart your App, Device/Box, and Wi-Fi Router.

1. Go to: Settings—> System Settings —> Servers—>Portals

2. Set Portal 1: 

3.Set Portal 1 URL

4.Set Portal 2 Name leave this empty

5.Set Portal 2 URL

6. Save everything

7. Reboot the device

8. After the box is restarted, wait until the TV screen shows the channels.

1.Go to your Enigma2 and get your IP address

Go to Settings/Setup/System Network Device Setup Adapter Settings

And get your IP address it starts with 192.168….

2. Go to your windows PC and download Putty Software

Putty dURLload URL https://the.earth.li/~sgtatham/putty/latest/x86/putty.exe

3.Open Putty add to follow these steps>

Add your IP address of your Enigma ( Same IP as step 1 ) Port 23 Connection type Telenet Click on open

4.Your default login and password are roots

5.Copy your URL line ( you will get it after you order your subscription )

6.Use RIGHT CLICK MOUSE BUTTON after you enter your line press ENTER

7.Type reboot and your device will restart

ow you will find the IPTV folder, all IPTV channels are inside your IPTV folder

This tutorial will guide you through the simple setup instruction for Dreamlink T1, T1+, T2, T6.

1.Let the STB Boot Up.

2.Finish any update that it may find.

3.It will bring you to the ‘Server menu’.

4.Press the ‘Exit’ button on the remote control and click on ‘OK’.

5.This will bring you to the main DOL screen, the ‘MAC address’ is in the upper right corner.

Dreamlink T1, T1+, T2, T6 Setup Instructions

1.In ‘Dreamlink On-Line (DOL) go to ‘Settings’.

.Press the ‘Green’ button on your remote control to pull up the ‘Edit’ option.

3.Enter your ‘Portal name’ (use for example: ‘Diginovva’).

4.enter your ‘Portal URL’ (Check your activation e-mail).

5.Confirm, restart ‘Dreamlink’ and start watching.

Troubleshooting Dreamlink T1, T1+, T2, T6

If you have any problems viewing the Channels please follow this recommended fix:

Restart your Dreamlink and Wi-Fi Router.

This tutorial will guide you through the simple setup instruction for Openbox.

Openbox Setup Instructions:

1.Open ‘Intenet Browser’.

2.Copy and paste your M3U URL into the ‘Address bar’ and press ‘Enter’.

3.It will ask you to either ‘save’ or ‘save as’.

4.Choose ‘save as’ and change the file name to ‘Diginovva’.

5.Copy the saved file from your computer to a USB stick then put the stick in the Back of the Openbox.

6.On the remote press the following:


-Network Local settings

-Network App

– Diginovva

-Yellow button to read from USB

-Troubleshooting Openbox-Start Watching right after Openbox says ‘success”

If you have any problems viewing the Channels please follow this recommended fix:

Restart your Openbox and Wi-Fi Router.

This tutorial will guide you through the simple setup instruction for Avov Box/Formuler. KINGSMAN-IPTV service uses a free media controlled app called ‘TVOnline’.
TVOnline Setup Instructions:

1. From home screen click ‘Market’.

2. Click ‘TvOnline’ app.

3. Install the ‘TVOnline’ app.

4. Wait for the installation to finish.

5. Enter ‘Server name’ (for example ‘KINGSMAN-IPTV’) and enter ‘Portal link’ (Check your activation e-mail).

6. Click ‘Connect’ to start watching.

Troubleshooting Avov Box/Formuler:

If you have any problems viewing the Channels please follow this recommended fix: Restart your App, Avov Box/Formuler, and Wi-Fi Router.

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